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Waterfall Issue ~ CLOSED

May: Formal/Regal ~ CLOSED

June: Country/Rustic ~ CLOSED

July: Love Stories (Portraits of couples & their story) ~ CLOSED

August: Toddlers ~ CLOSED

Sept: Open Concept ~ CLOSED

October: Makeup Challenge (with winner) ~ CLOSED

November: Vintage ~ CLOSED

December: Black and White ~ Deadline is December 10th

PNW Modeling Magazine Submission Guidelines

1. Submit 4-6 images to Please put issue month/theme in subject line **NO CELL PHONE PHOTOS**

2. No logos allowed (photographer will be credited)

3. High resolution images only (minimum 300 dpi, at least 3,300 pixels on longest side for portrait and 5,100 pixels on longest side for landscape)

4. All photo credits must be included with submission (please include everyone involved in the creation of the images)

5. You will be contacted only if your submission is accepted for publication. At this time a release form will be sent and both the model and photographer must fill out and return this form.

PNW Modeling Magazine Terms & Conditions

1. Submissions are non-paid

2. There are no free issues given to participants

3. Images will not be published before or without signed release forms

4. Not all submissions will be published (it is to the discretion of the editors to choose the images that will be published)

5. PNW Modeling Magazine is not responsible for giving specific reasons for rejection

6. No cell phone, selfies or low-resolution images will be accepted

7. PNW Modeling Magazine has the right to refuse submissions from anyone found to have forged a release form

8. A preview will be shown, however, to view the entire magazine it must be purchased through Magcoud

9. When placing your magazine order please be sure that it says Perfect Bound (please contact us if it does not say this)

10. Magcloud is our chosen printing company. If there are any issues with printing of the magazine, please contact Magcloud customer service directly so that they can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue.

Please contact us with any questions at

Disclaimer: PNW Modeling Magazine (including P5 Photography, LLC) in no way condones or encourages dangerous and/or illegal behavior during the creation of an image. Furthermore, it is not our responsibility to determine how an image was created.

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